Saturday, September 17, 2016

Short Management Course Melbourne : Dec 1 & 2

Management & Leadership Skills Training

Have a look at this short video which explains a little about the 2 day public short management course that we are offering on  Dec 1, 2 - and what you will learn ....

The course content has a practical focus and we explore themes such as ....
  • What it takes to win respect and succeed as a manager
  • Understand what is expected of you as a manager
  • Affirm and develop your own leadership qualities
  • Learn to delegate and deliver outcomes through people
  • Learn to address performance issues with confidence
  • Gain proven strategies to motivate and engage staff
  • Understand how to deal with different personalities in the workplace
  • Gain techniques for keeping yourself positive and resilient
  • How you can improve your communication and decision making skills

Develop your influence as a leader!

- Improve your ability to manage people and deliver results.
- Avoid staff turnover caused by poor people management

This highly interactive two day management course is jam-packed full of practical ideas and proven techniques to help you get the best out of people in your workplace. You will explore skills such as different leadership styles, performance management, effective delegation, time management, people skills, decision making, team-building and motivation.

A management course with a real world focus

The course has a practical focus and is delivered in a way that involves you from the very beginning.. It is not about theory, it is about the techniques you need to use on a day-to-day basis to be able to get the best out of yourself and your team.

If you are a new manager seeking to build your confidence or even an experienced manager wanting to polish your skills, this short management course could be exactly what you need.  The participant group size is kept to no more than 12, so you won't get lost in a crowd 

Cost of the 2 day course, inclusive of hot lunches is $810 + gst

Venue - Quality Manor Inn, Maroondah highway Mitcham (15 minutes from the city via Eastlink freeway)

Contact Us  Register your interest in attending our short course to improve your leadership 
Phone (03) 9725 3777 or 0430 972 578
Or email

Performance Development schedule public management courses regularly in Melbourne throughout the year. Call us with any questions and to discuss the suitability of the course for your needs.

The benefit of an experienced course leader

Gain the benefit of a course leader that brings more than twenty years of experience working in the field of management training and leadership skills development. If you want an academic approach to managing people - then this is definitely not the right course for you. In this management course, you will gain practical techniques and pragmatic advice to help you manage your staff so that business outcomes can be delivered.
We also deliver short management courses in-house for companies. Phone (03) 9725 3777 

Friday, January 13, 2012

Management Skills - Essential tools for the new manager

If you're a new manager, then chances are that you find yourself floundering around a bit at imes.

You're not alone though. The fact is that most new managers feel quite uncertain of themselves during the first twelve months - and unfortunately, probably the biggest thing that will help to build your confidence will be gaining more experience. However, what will also help is gaining some understanding of what is expected of you.

If you're reading this, then you're already thinking about getting some management training, which can only help. However, you can also gain some tips from reading about effective management practice. And here is a fantastic gateway to articles and resources designed for the new manager, Management Skills Development.

The site offers a treasure chest of brief and concise articles on how to delegate, how to motivate staff, how to manage change, how to conduct the job interview and how to run meetings - to name just a few of the management skills that it describes in simple terms. And what's more, it's all free!

So, by all means still find yourself a good management training course (and let me say that ours is one of the best short management courses around) - but also for some quick, down and dirty practical tips, visit Management Skills Development

Tuesday, August 2, 2011

Business Management Courses

Are you looking for a business management course, delivered in Melbourne?

A great resource page that lists some of the top business management courses, as well as some of the things to carefully consider when selecting a course, is Business Management Courses Melbourne

The list of courses includes those that you can attend classes in person as well as the courses that can be conveniently completed online.

Friday, May 27, 2011

Avoiding Common Traps as a New Manager

This short video clip offers a great reminder for those who are new to a supervisory or management role. It highlights some of the most common communication and decision making mistakes that can be made by a new manager.

Be careful that you .....
1. Instead of solving an employee's problem, sometimes first see if you can encourage them to propose a solution themselves
2. Involve other team members in problem solving, particularly those who may be affected by the issue
3. Keep everyone informed of any changes

A great article that offers some useful tips on an essential management skill is How To Delegate

If you are new to managing people and haven't yet received any proper management training, then have a think about whether a short management course might help to provide you with some of the guidance and direction you need. You can't really start getting the best out of your staff until you understand what's expected of you in your new role.

Another common challenge faced by new managers is having to manage staff with whom they may have been friends with. The speaker in the following short clip nicely summarises the mistakes made by various new managers - some of whom become too distant and too overbearing in the desire to show who is boss. Whilst other new managers worry too much about remaining friends and being nice.

Sunday, November 14, 2010

Leadership Tools - Six thinking hats

Six Thinking Hats is a technique developed by Edward DeBono for ensuring an holistic approach to decision making - potentially resulting in better quality outcomes by ensuring that a number of different perspectives are brought into play as part of the decision making process

If you are required to lead meetings that have a decision making purpose to them, then it is useful to have some method or structure to guide the group discussion. And De Bono's technique can sometimes prove a particularly useful leadership tool to provide such direction to the discussion.

As De Bono explains it, a coloured thinking hat is representative of a certain type of perspective in looking at the situation or issue requiring a decision. By progressively putting on different thinking hats it is more likely that you will have examined the issue more thoroughly - rather than being too critical or too optimistic.

Hopefully you find the video clip offers you a concise overview of the method and you will add this leadership tool to your leadership repertoire when you are leading a decision making meeting .......

Thursday, November 11, 2010

Interview Confidence - Gaining an edge

This short video clip offers some useful tips that may help give you an edge when you are attending a job interview.

Whether we like it or not, success at the interview requires that you be able to sell what you have to offer. You have to be able to vocalise your strengths, skills and achievements, without embarassment.

As an interview skills coach, over many years I have worked with a wide range of people from professions that have included surgeons, lawyers, pilots, management, firemen, academics and other people with very high levels of technical skills ...... and yet they have felt anxious about being able to handle their forthcoming interview.

Confidence comes from feeling well prepared - and that means knowing the business of your prospective employer, having undertaken your research and understanding their services, customers and business strategy. Interview preparation includes anticipating likely interview questions - particularly the increasing use of behavioural interview questions.which ask for specific examples of when you have encountered a type of situation and explaining how you handled it.

The interview process is a competition and if you are based in Melbourne, Australia and looking for interview coaching to give you an edge - then visit Interview Coach Melbourne

Friday, November 5, 2010

Negotiation Tips for Managers

If you are in any type of management or leadership role, then it is likely that you find yourself in situations where you need to negotiate,

Whether it is having to negotiate with clients over timeline pressures, or with peers over resource sharing or with senior management over proposed cuts to budgets and funding ...... negotiation is a core capability and if you're not able to negotiate effectively then you will end up accomodating the agendas of other people.

So, what are some quick negoitating tips ......
  1. There are always two key considerations in any negotiation - the outcome and the relationship. When both of these factors are of equally high importancee to you, then your negoitating strategy should be to aim for win-win ........ However, this will require that you invest more time in the process
  2. Recognise that negotiation is about making and seeking concessions - don't try to rush the process, otherwise you may come across as too desperate in the negotiation
  3. Make sure that before you enter the negotiation, you have clearly defined with your stakeholders the level of authority that you can exercise in terms of making concessions
  4. Be clear about the issues where you are willing to make some concessions - and the conditions that you would want to have attached to those concessions. In other words, you don't just give away concessions - you think about trading them for something of value to you in return ....the quid pro quo that makes it a worthwhile exchange for you.

If you are looking for negotiation training for your organisation, and are based in Melbourne Australia, then visit Negotiation Course